A Guide to All of Vanessa Hudgens's Tiny, Ever-So-Delicate Tattoos

Vanessa Hudgens’ Sunflower Tattoo

It may come as a surprise to you — because it was a major surprise to us — but Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t have that many tattoos. At least, not compared to her pals Selena Gomez (who has a total of 12 known tattoos) and Ashley Benson (who has somewhere around 16 known tattoos). In fact, before her most recent ink addition — a sunflower on her side that doubles as the most triumphant thirst trap in the history of thirst traps — Hudgens hadn’t gotten any new tattoos in almost a decade.

As far as free-spirited stars go, Hudgens definitely reigns supreme, and her tattoos match that vibe. She’s the queen of tiny, delicate artwork. Aside from the sunflower on her side-boob, she has half of the om symbol across both of her hands — part on one pinky finger and part on the other — so that when she puts her hands together in a meditating position it forms the whole ॐ symbol. The ink is a bit hard to see, not just because of how small it is; the artwork is from 2011 when she got tatted with long-time bestie Ashley Tisdale.

Hudgens’s other, more noticeable tattoo also happens to be her first: a colorful butterfly on the left side of her neck. The actress get it in 2011 at New York City parlor, Bang Bang Tattoo. Ahead, get a closer look at Hudgens’ three tattoos.

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