Courteney Cox Just Celebrated Her 56th Birthday With A ??? Bikini Video

  • Courteney Cox just shared a bikini Instagram video to celebrate her 56th birthday.
  • In it, she looks super toned with six-pack abs and strong legs and arms.
  • To stay fit, the Friends alum does boxing circuits and eats really well.

Fact: Being in your mid-50s is not what it used to be. If you need evidence, take a look at Courteney Cox, who just turned 56.

The Friends and Cougar Town alum just shared a video on Instagram of herself in a bikini to celebrate her birthday, and it’s everything. “Gracefully diving into this next year… #oaf,” she wrote in the caption.

The video starts with a gorgeous view of a pool that backs up to what appears to be the ocean. Courteney can be seen running up to the pool as New Radicals’ “Get What You Give” blares in the background. Then, you see her dive right in, with perfect form, before she gets off-balance at the end, with her her legs splayed out in a V as she enters the water. She finally surfaces, grinning, with her hair in her face.

Courteney’s comments were flooded with birthday messages, naturally, but let’s take a moment to talk about her sick body. It’s hard not to notice the fact that Courteney looks jacked as she books it to the pool. Her arms are toned, her legs look super strong, and it kinda seems like she has a six-pack. Basically, she looks fit AF at 56.

While Courteney has some phenomenal genes, she doesn’t exactly phone it in with her workouts. Her personal trainer, Marco Reed, told Women’s Health that Courteney is big into boxing. During their workouts, Marco and Courteney kick things off “with some silly salsa dancing” before diving into “a boxing circuit.”

That circuit involves a three-minute boxing round, followed by three to four exercises involving upper body, core, lower body, and one power move. “The goal is to cycle through as many times as we can,” Marco says.

Courteney is also big on eating well. She told New Beauty in 2017 that she likes to have chicken salad for lunch and a lean protein, like fish, chicken, or steak and some veggies or dinner. But she’s not super strict all the time. “I do cheat, on occasion, with pasta or bread and butter,” she said, adding that she’s also big on cheese and nuts.

HBD, Courteney!

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