Feel like you never have anything to wear? This is why and what to do about it

Written by Naomi May

Thanks to the saturation of social media, it can often feel like, in a wardrobe full of clothes, you have nothing to wear.  

You know the feeling: the act of staring blankly into your wardrobe as it glares vacuously back at you. It doesn’t matter whether yours is bursting at the seams or stripped back and barely-there, the predicament of feeling like you have nothing to wear, when you at least have something to wear, isn’t a novelty.

The idea, of course, seems ridiculous in concept. In front of you, you have a wardrobe full of clothes, a bounty of sartorial options to slip on and into, yet why can we not shake the feeling that we’re lacking? 

One such answer to this age-old question has been provided by a stable of TikTok users, who have provided a trio of reasons as to why we are increasingly feeling as though we have nothing to wear.

One user @stylehard professes in her video on the matter that a proliferation of fast fashion is a huge part of the reason we feel like we have nothing to wear. She advises that too much fast fashion becomes monotonous and while small amounts of it isn’t necessarily a bad thing for your sense of style, too much of it means we become bored easily. 

The proliferation of trends has become a problem in our feeling of not having nothing to wear.

Another reason she attributes to the feeling is the notion of jumping on too many different trends. She notes how not every trend is for everybody, and to watch out for following them just for the sake of following them, rather than cultivating your own sense of personal style. Fashion is too fast-paced recently, she suggests, so try keeping your investments classic so as to not tire of them.

The final reason she suggests we may feel like we always have nothing to wear is that we collectively just have “too much crap”. She urges fashion lovers to purge annually so as to cleanse our wardrobes and create a sartorial line-up that’s easy, classic and totally timeless. 

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