I used to work in Tesco and these are the secrets we want to say to customers every day but can’t

SUPERMARKET workers have received more appreciation than ever before, as they became frontline heroes over the past 18 months.

However, one ex Tesco worker said they'd love to give the public a piece of their mind at times but didn't want to be fired.

Pre 2020, the job was never easy what with constantly being on your feet, stacking shelves day and night, as well as working at the checkouts.

The former retail worker said it is the rudeness of customers that bothered them the most when speaking to Kent Live.

The first annoying thing the ex-worker revealed, is when people try and come into the store before it is opened.

"I know we open in three minutes, but I can't unlock the doors just because you're standing there," said the previous employee.


Adding: "You're early, and that's great. But we open at 7 am, and that means opening at 7 am. I know it might be raining and cold outside, and I'm sorry about that. But looking at me with a face like thunder isn't going to speed this process up."

The next annoying thing revealed was how customers start "huffing and puffing" to make someone work faster at the checkouts, and how mortifying it is when you ask someone for ID and discover they are 30.

"Please take it as a compliment that I'm asking you to prove your age, rather than an insult. I'm not doing this for fun, it's just my job" said the source.

Another thing that was revealed as ultra annoying, is when customers circle you like a vulture when you are putting yellow reduced stickers on items.

The former retailer said: "It's almost as if shoppers have a radar for the yellow stickers – hunting for bargains and pennies off full-price items."

Speaking of looking for savings, another infuriating thing that winds Tesco workers up is when people are begging you to "knock pennies" off products at the till.

"The last box of 10 pack fish fingers has been opened – it's probably just a damaged box but hey, I'll knock 10 per cent off to avoid the drama."

To top it off, the poor employees get told off frequently for the fact that customers have to pay for carrier bags.

"Charging for carrier bags is saving the planet, and not something we should be complaining about. But even if you are annoyed about the charge, there's nothing I can do about it" they said.

It's almost as if shoppers have a radar for the yellow stickers – hunting for bargains and pennies off full-price items."

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