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HAVE you ever been accused of being a difficult customer or a 'Karen?'

Even if the answer is 'no,' this might not be the case as most stores have secret codes they use when talking about customers.

TikTok user Wan Hit Wonder, who previously worked at a Target store, shared the secret code employees used when referring to a difficult customer.

The ex-employee told his followers that the word 'dots' was used between staff members when they didn't want a customer to know what they were discussing.

"I worked at Target for a year. I don’t work there anymore, so obviously I don’t speak for the brand of the company and maybe this isn’t true anymore, but I kind of bet it is," the TikToker clarified.

He continued: "If you’ve ever been to Target before you probably noticed the multi-colored dots that are next to the product codes on the shelves."

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"And maybe you’ve heard an employee talking on the radio saying they ‘need more dots,’ or anything to do with dots really," the TikToker said.

"The word ‘dots’ was code, it meant we were dealing with a difficult customer. Yes, ‘dots’ was our version of ‘treasured guest’," he explained.

The TikTok user told his followers that the colored dots were officially used for "inventory stuff."

One viewer, who also worked as a Target employee, commented: "The gray dots were out-of-stocks, and signaled it had been audited."

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"Just imagine if your ex-boss contacted you and sued you for giving out information," joked another follower.

"Best Buy’s is 'code butter' because the manager would need to butter them up," said a third person.

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