I'm a Gemma Collins super fan, I call myself The DC and I’m known for having epic diva strops too

A HUGE Gemma Collins fan says her friends nicknamed her 'The DC' in tribute to the Towie star – and she's obsessed with her fashion line too.

Dawn Cook, 31, from York, thinks the diva reality star is an "absolute legend" – and says she's helped her get through some of her most miserable days.

The marketing manager revealed she'll screenshot 39-year-old Gemma's outfits for inspiration and emulates her glam make-up looks too, religiously applying her fake lashes every day throughout lockdown.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous, marketing manager Dawn tells her story…

I think Gemma's amazing. I first saw her on Towie years ago, although I never watched it religiously.

But she was an absolute legend on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, since then I've become addicted to her shows Diva Forever and Diva in Lockdown.

She's such a character, I think she's ace, a fabulous lady.

I love everything she embodies, the diva side of her, the real side and the way she encourages people to be OK with who they are.

My friends have called me 'DC' for about 10 years, because of my initials.

If I have a diva moment, my friends will say 'she's being The DC again'

At first it was just my work mates saying it, but the more popular Gemma became, the more people started calling me 'The DC' – like how she uses GC.

They toy around with it – if I have a diva moment, my friends will say 'she's being The DC again'.

Everyone's got a bit of diva in them and I think the odd freak out should be embraced – although I don't think anyone could be on the same level as Gemma.

I find her really inspirational, she empowers women because she embraces exactly who she is.

I don't think she takes herself too seriously, but she works hard and likes to treat herself. That's how I try to live my life too – work hard, play hard.

Gemma's so glamorous but real at the same time, that's what I find endearing.

You can imagine being friends with her, it's not like she's a Karadashian, she's so much more down to earth.

Even during lockdown, when I've been working from home, I have a full set of lashes on every day – just like Gemma would

I think Gemma's a good role model, she definitely has a lavish lifestyle but I love that she's so extra.

She puts in so much hard work in with her businesses, she deserves to let her hair down.

She teaches girls to always be humble and never take life too seriously.

Like Gemma, I love a girly night out and will spend two to three hours getting ready to go for a meal or drinks.

I take my time doing my hair and make-up because I really enjoy doing it and feel great after.

Unfortunately unlike Gemma, I don’t have my own glam squad, so I just try to have a good time while I’m getting ready.

I'll have a glass of wine or fizz, listen to music and enjoy getting glammed up.

Gemma and I have similar poses in our pictures, but to be honest I'm not even aware I'm doing it.

I spend so long taking pictures, I'll spend hours making sure I've got the right angle and look good.

Even during lockdown, when I've been working from home, I have a full set of lashes on every day.

I still try to make an effort for the video calls, just like Gemma would. I love her fashion sense, too.

If I like her outfit, I'll screenshot it and try to take inspiration from it

Towards the start of Covid, one of my friends messaged me saying 'oh my God, have you seen Gemma Collins has a got a clothing collection coming out with In The Style?'

When it launched in March, it sold out super quickly and I was gutted to miss out. It was all her best memes in T-shirts and jumpers.

Her memes always cheer me up. I remember one day being so hungover on holiday with a friend and then seeing this Gemma Collins meme video on Instagram. It just made me feel so much better.

Luckily, my friend sent me a hoodie in the post a couple of weeks later, as she knows I'm such a big fan.

I managed to get one of the T-shirts when they restocked as well. It’s one of my favourite pieces.

It says ‘mood’ and she’s posing with a peace sign, I just think it’s so accurate. I always wear that T-shirt when I’m in that mood.

Life as a super fan

Nickname: The DC, in tribute to Gemma's 'GC'

Clothing inspo: Shops Gemma's clothing collections and screenshots lots of her outfits for inspiration

Glam squad: Spends two to three hours getting ready for a night out, with a glass of fizz

I haven't spent crazy amounts of money on her clothing collections, only £100, it's more her style that influences me.

There's definitely been times when I've seen her in something and thought 'that's so great, I'd love to emulate that look'. If I like her outfit, I'll screenshot it and try to take inspiration from it.

The great thing about Gemma is she dresses for her own body shape and doesn't try to wear something just because everyone else is.

I have curves, I'm not a size 8 anymore, although I was a long time ago. I think it's really important to embrace that.

Gemma shows it doesn't matter what your size is, you can still dress great and feel great. She really embodies that.

I find her so uplifting and inspirational, whenever I watch her show or see something on social media, it makes me feel so great.

She’s so lighthearted and has a positive mindset.

My friends love that I'm such a big fan. Some of my really close friends are just as in love with Gemma as I am, they have her clothing collection too.

One of my friends even travelled down to Brentwood, Essex, to meet Gemma at her shop. I've never done that, it's a three-and-a-half hour drive from York.

But I'd love to meet her and give her a big hug. I'd tell her 'keep doing what you're doing. You're such a great role model and a good person'.

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