I’m a size 16 and tried Kim Kardashian's Skims bodysuit – it looked so tiny and the results were shocking | The Sun

FINDING good shapewear that actually works can seem like a never ending task.

And one woman, in the US, decided to give the viral Skim's shapewear by Kim Kardashian a go.

Taylor Made, who is a size 16 ordered the bodysuit in a size 2/3X but was stunned when she took her order out of the box.

"Does this look like 2-3X," she exclaimed as she held the teeny bodysuit up in a TikTok video.

Stunned by how small it looked, Taylor added that she did follow the size chart and was curious to see what it looked like on and whether it would even fit.

Taylor wanted to give the shapewear a fair test – so put on a pair of jeans that she couldn't zip up to see if it actually made a difference.


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In the next clip, Taylor put on the Skims and was impressed to find she could do her jeans up with ease.

"And I think we're looking pretty good, pretty snatched," Taylor added.

Taylor was clearly impressed by the sculpting bodysuit and the video went viral with over one million views.

She revealed that the shapewear shrinks back to its original size after being worn.

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Taylor wrote: "I wore them for a few hours yesterday and it was tiny again when I took it off."

Viewers were seriously impressed as well, one wrote: "K I’m convinced. I have to get some!"

Another commented: "Omg this is the confirmation I needed to buy them lol currently on the waiting list. Hopefully it’s available before my vacation lol."

A third penned: "I’ve been influenced."

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