I’m an etiquette expert – your jewelry could be making you look tacky, even if it’s expensive, the no1 mistake to avoid | The Sun

AN expensive piece of jewelry isn’t automatically elegant, according to one woman.

Is it possible your jewelry pieces are making a statement that takes away from an appearance of luxury and class?

TikToker and elegance coach Karina posted a video with her advice about jewelry choices.

She claims to be a “million dollar lady” who knows the ins and outs of style, fashion, and etiquette.

At the beginning of her video, she shows pictures of jewelry she doesn’t think women should wear on a daily basis.

In her opinion, clunky jewelry is tacky jewelry — even if it’s gold and silver.

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Her first bad example is of a woman wearing a gold watch surrounded by gold bracelets covered in designs and charms.

Her second bad example showcases three female arms decked out in gold and silver bracelets that are mostly touching each other.

Some of the bracelets have gems, while some of them are made up of chains.

Even though there are Rolex watches and Cartier bracelets in the mix, she still doesn't give her stamp of approval.

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Finally, Karina shows an example of what she does approve of.

The model is wearing a nice, simple watch with a sparkling diamond bracelet. 

The model also has a gorgeous set of rings on her two middle fingers.

There aren’t layers and layers of overlapping bracelets to analyze though. 

Karina explains: “Less is more!"

A small handful of people have responded in her comment section about her jewelry advice.

One person said: “I was about to get made the I realized… you’re right!”

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“Yes. Good. Jewelry doesn’t need to be MORE to make a statement,” another person added.

“I’ve never understood stacking a million Cartier bracelets… Looks tacky,” another person wrote in agreement.

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