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THERE are some home trends that might look good in theory, but the truth is they gather so much dust and dirt you'll regret ever buying them.

The last thing anyone wants is a piece of furniture that comes with it's own daily cleaning schedule.

According to interior designer Garret LeChic, there are nine things that you should never bother with, they're just too high maintenance.

Sofas with cushions that need plumping

Even if your sofa cushions aren't entirely made from down, cushions that constantly need to be fluffed and plumped up aren't worth your time.

They might be comfortable and look great when you first fluff them up, but as soon as someone sits on the sofa they're flat again.

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The pro recommended going for foam cushions for a comfortable but low maintenance alterative

Marble worktops

If you're posh enough to have marble worktops in your kitchen yo probably already know how maintenance it is.

It looks chic, but the truth is it's probably more hassle than it's worth, especially given it's high price point and the fact that there are so many cheaper alternatives that don't stain and scratch as easily.

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Garrett said: "It's not always the most practical for a well lived in home."

He added that it's especially bad if you've got kids with sticky hands running around.

Glass tables

"I can't be bothered with cleaning a table everyday and having it perfect and polished all the time," the pro said.

That said, glass tables can open up a lot of visual space, which is always good if you've got a small room.

Garrett added: "If you need that and you're prepared for the maintenance of a glass top table, that's phenomenal."

Brass harware

All things brass are very on trend right now, but if the constant upkeep of it isn't for you go for something different.

If you love the look of aged brass and don't mind the upkeep, go ahead, "I love that for you, but I'm not looking after it, I'm not polishing it, I'm not cleaning it, I'm not doing all of that.

"I'd much rather get something that I don't have to do any of that with," Garrett explained.

White sofas

"If your someone that uses your sofa, it will get dirty," the pro quipped.

If you love the look of a white sofa you have to be prepared to take care of it properly and get it professionally cleaned frequently, otherwise it starts to look dull very quickly.

Open concept spaces

Garrett said: "It's not easy to create an open concept space that doesn't feel like a big room with a lot of furniture in it."

Not only that but it can feel disjointed and cluttered.

Unlike with sperate rooms where you can clean one room at a time, if you have an open concept if something is messy in your kitchen you'll be able to see it from your living area.

Black furniture and counter tops

"You're going to see every spec of dust that lands on it," the pro shared.

If you still want to go for black furniture Garrett recommended going for a matte option, since it will do a better job at hiding dust and dirt.

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