Insomniacs rave about Amazon’s heated blanket saying it helps you fall asleep faster – and it’s got 3,000 reviews

WHILE we may be heading for more hours of darkness as Christmas approaches, it doesn’t necessarily translate into more hours of sleep. 

If you’re dreading getting some decent kip during the cold winter months, insomniacs are raving about a heated blanket from Amazon saying it’s the answer to a good night’s sleep. 

The electric blanket promises to “keep you cosy even on the chilliest winter nights”, and has three settings – low, medium and high. 

The blanket is currently on sale, saving you £15 on the single size, which costs £24.99, and £32.99 for a king size. 

There’s even a remote control so you can adjust the CosiHome blanket to your preferred temperature, and it’s machine washable too – perfect for if you have kids. 

The blanket has proven to be a hit with shoppers, with nearly 5,000 people commenting on the blanket – with thousands giving it a five-star review. 

  • Premium Comfort Electric Blanket, £24.99 – buy now

Raving about the new winter-essential, one fan wrote: “I don’t know how I ever lived without this before I bought it ? I’ve had it a month and it’s amazing, best thing I ever bought.” 

Someone else commented: “Absolutely superb. Lovely and cozy. Fabulous value for money.

"My favourite setting is 3 which is the highest as it is really beautiful and warm fall to sleep instantly and even though I turn the blanket off the heat stays with you right through the night.”

A third said: “I ordered a King Size for my double bed and it fitted my bed perfectly.

"I also tried sleeping with my blanket on all night at position one. This was the first time I had a good night's sleep in a while.”

This husband added: “I have had to work away for a few weeks and my wife normally uses my legs to warm her feet.

“With the electric blanket my wife turns it on 30 minutes before getting into bed and when she gets in it is lovely and warm allowing her to relax and fall off to sleep quickly.”

And this person reckoned: “Since buying the blanket, my sleep has improved considerably and I don’t feel as tired during the day. 

“Who would have thought that a blanket would make such a big difference.”

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