McDonald's fan stunned as she’s fat-shamed by delivery driver with cruel note

MCDONALD'S is our ultimate comfort food – so when we're tucking into a Big Mac and fries, the last thing we want to think about is how long it'd take to burn off in the gym.

But unfortunately for one woman, it was her rather rude delivery driver who brought this to the forefront of her mind when she ordered McDonald's last week.

In a viral TikTok video, the American woman Suzie explained how she ordered her dinner through Doordash so it would be delivered straight to her home.

But after picking up Suzie's dinner from the branch, her delivery driver snuck a note into her bag promoting his side hustle as a weight loss expert for Nutrition Club.

"My Doordash person put this in my McDonald's bag," Suzie said. "Thanks, I guess…"

Urging her to "start her transformation today", the note read: "Lose weight- ask me how!"

Needless to say, viewers were quick to blast the driver's "unacceptable' behaviour.

"This should be illegal," one wrote.

Another added: "I would report them for that!"

"Lemme enjoy my fries," a third said. "Why you gotta rub it in rudeeeee."

But luckily for the cheeky driver, Suzie found the whole situation hilarious and replied: "No hate here, I was laughing for a while. I kind of wanted to give him a high five!"

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