Mum reveals £3 secret to getting white trainers looking as good as new

FRESHENING up your dirty white trainers has never been easier, thanks to one mum who revealed the secret she swears by to get her kicks looking as good as new.

White trainers never stay fresh for long, but one budget laundry product will get them gleaming once again after just one 30 minute wash.

The mum shared her quick, easy and purse-friendly hack on Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks.

She revealed that all it took to revive her grubby trainers was soaking them in Napisan Stain Remover Powder which can be snapped up from Wilko for just £3.

"Revived my white trainers from the tip on this group! Soaked in napisan for 30 mins and washed in the washing machine on 30 quick wash and left in the sun to dry," the mum wrote alongside before and after pictures of her trainers.

Clearly impressed with the results, some people were convinced that the trainers in the 'after' picture were not the same pair of shoes, leaving the mum in hysterics.

She added: "Can we just establish they are the same trainers but on the other hand it has made me chuckle that people have took the time to inspect my scruffy old trainers so much."

Her trainers after all had come out looking box fresh, with thousands of people liking the mum's post and hundreds commenting on the deep-cleaning hack.

One person wrote: "They look like new, great outcome."

Another said: "Must remember this, just got white trainers."

A third wrote: "This kind of post makes me want to buy some white trainers just so I dirty them them clean then up and get this much joy! I love this group."

Grateful for the tip, one more posted: "Good woman for this – I have a major job for Napisan," another agreed: "I need to get me some napisan."

One Mrs Hinch fan shared her own tip for giving white trainers a new lease of life and commented: "Another great tip for white trainers, spray all over with elbow grease pop them in a pillow case in the washer..come out looking brand new."

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