Mum shares her genius way to get the kids to stay in their rooms in the morning & it stops bad behaviour too

A MUM has revealed the genius way she gets her kids to stay in their rooms in the mornings. 

UK-based Shaz Rafferty shared on Facebook how she has greatly improved her lockdown thanks to making a handy “prize shop”.

The shop is filled with “prizes” as cheap as 49p, which they can earn if they have good behaviour.

She explained how her boys have two star charts; one for staying in their rooms in the morning, and the other for not screaming during the day. 

The mum shared on the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas page: “When they earn 7 stars they get to enter the *shop of prizes* they LOVE this.

“This *shop* consists entirely of items less than £3 each, some as cheap as 49p. 

“At their age they don't care if something costs £1 or £100 so ive picked up bits i know they'd enjoy for as cheap as possible.”

She said once the boys have chosen their prize, the remaining toys go into a bag and taken away, so there is no temptation to sneak away any prizes.

The mum finished: “Hope this idea helps some of you.”

It seems like parents are extremely keen to copy the “prize shop” in their own homes. 

One mum said: “this is a very good idea.”

Another added: “I love this idea. Very tempted.”

Her post has racked up over 2,600 likes and 400 comments from impressed parents in lockdown.

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