People constantly call me Barbie but I’m really a proud catfish, no one can believe it when they see me without makeup

WE ALL know and understand the power of makeup, and what it can do for your overall appearance.

But sometimes, the transformation can leave people wondering if it's actually the same person.

And Valeria Voronina seems to get this a lot from people who watch her incredible transformation clips on TikTok, as she regularly shocks fans with her drastic before and after makeup looks.

The curly-haired beauty isn't shy about appearing on camera bare-faced in a hoodie, resembling what many of us look like on a daily basis.

But in what can only be described as "magic", Valeria then appears in full glam, with people often comparing her to Barbie or Bratz doll.

"How did you transform into an actual Barbie," one baffled person wrote.

"My jaw actually fell off," said another.

While some of Valeria's clips appear to be heavily filtered, people still can't get over the difference a bold lip and heavy eye makeup can make.

In most of her clips, Valeria appears with no makeup on, her hair undone and sporting her wide-rimmed glasses.

In contrast to the dolled up version of herself where she stares seductively into the camera with her big fluffy lashes.

In these clips,her hair appears perfectly curled with her pretty facial features accentuated by contouring, heavy fake lashes and bold makeup.

"In Germany we say catfish," one person wrote on one of her clips.

While many were of the opinion that their "makeup is broken," as if to imply they could never get such perfect results when applying their own makeup.

This comes after a mum who lost most of her tooth during her four pregnancies and now has dentures has spoken out on how she is a "proud catfish".

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Or how about this, I’m pale & have acne – but after three layers of make-up & fake tan I can catfish like a pro, I look totally different

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