‘Retired psycho’ reveals four easy ways to find out if your man is a cheat & how to uncover any secret dating profiles

DEEP down, most of us know in our gut if our partners are being unfaithful – and it's a truly horrible feeling.

But if you want to confront them about it, then you're better off finding some hard evidence.


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And in most cases, this involves getting into their phone. Right?

Well TikTok star Margaux Cody and self-confessed "retired psycho" has revealed the four easy ways you can tell if your partner is being unfaithful.

And to be completely honest, we can't believe we never thought of them before.

Find his dating app profile

In her "Toxic TikTok" series, Margaux explained how she tracked down her boyfriend's dating profiles.

She said: "Before you meet him, you're going to make a fake dating profile on the platform of you choice."

In the app's setting, Margaux told followers to reduce the maximum distance to a mile – meaning you only get matches in the immediate area.

She also recommended altering the age range to match your boyfriend in order to find out if he has an active profile.

"Now that you have all of this set up, you're ready to meet him," she said. "Go somewhere private and start swiping.

We know what you're thinking: this could easily be an old profile from when he was single.

But Margaux claimed: "If he has been active on the app recently, his profile should appear within seconds or at least within two minutes."

What's more, a Tinder blog post revealed that the algorithm works to "prioritise potential matches who are active at the same time".

It reads: "We don’t want to waste your time showing you profiles of inactive members."

Margaux added: "If he tells you it's an old profile, don't fall for that. This is how I caught my ex."

Check his recent emojis

Don't feel comfortable going through his texts? Then Margaux urged fans to go through their partner's recent emojis for clues.

"I have personally used this in the past as a first step to confirm or deny any of my suspicions before conducting a full-scale investigation," she said.

Instead of trying to break into it, Margaux urges followers to ask to look something up on his phone and taking a look at his keyboard.

On an iPhone, you can quickly do this by bringing up the search bar on their home page.

She said: "If you see certain suggestive emojis that he doesn't really send to you, then he's sending them to someone else."

Sharing examples of "incriminating" emojis, Marguax highlighted the peach, fire, water drops, aubergine (obviously), and kissy faces as red flags.

Clone his Instagram

Your relationship might be rock solid – but let's face it, the chances of your partner giving you their Instagram login details are VERY slim.

But what you can do is "conceptually" get into their Instagram by cloning their profile.

Marguax said: "You're going to make a fake account and you're going to follow everyone that he follows.

"You're going to duplicate his account and this will help you see exactly what he sees.

"You will see all the Stories he gets to watch, the pictures that he has a chance to like and my favourite – you get to see mutuals."

Speaking from experience, she said: "One time one of my exes followed this girl and I was really [suspicious], so I asked how he knew her.

"He was like, 'we have mutuals'. And I was like, 'no you don't!'"

Create spam profile

Picture the scene – your partner has just followed a girl on Instagram who you don't recognise and her profile is private.

Obviously, you can't request to follow her yourself – but Marguax has a clever way around this so you can check her page for clues.

"The key is to make seemingly harmless accounts like this iPhone giveaway – put in fake pictures, a fake bio and add a fake link.

"My personal favourite is this [hiking] one as it literally gets any VSCO girl and they actually follow back."

Other spam examples Marguax recommends using are celebrity fan pages, sports accounts and one devoted to memes and inspiration quotes.

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