Savvy cleaning fan reveals exactly how you get rid of glue in your carpet – and people are praising her for it

EVERY parent's worst nightmare is when the kids decide to do the arts and crafts in the living, especially on the carpet. 

So when disaster strikes and the PVA glue has spilt everywhere into the carpet, what exactly do you do? 

Well one savvy woman, who offers an endless amount of cleaning advice to her TikTok followers, has just the trick.

Responding to another TikTok user's video, which asks for advice after she got glue stuck in the carpet, Ann Russell says: “Now PVA when it goes hard, it is very hard to get.

"However, the way I would go about trying is – you might not have a lot of success, because it looks like it really is rubbed into the fibres there.

“Get things like tea towels and clothes, and ring them out in really hot water, if you have got a steamer that would work as well.


“And what you want to do is get it all soft and steamy because then it should go more rubbery and you might have more luck peeling it away.”

People were thankful for her advice with one writing: “You're amazing!!”

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Others watching the video also offered some of their top tips too. 

One wrote: “Hairdryer and a comb then vinegar for the debris.”

A second said: “I used my steamer and got the most of it out, then used vinegar to remove what little was left.”

Another added: “Ice! try and freeze it as much as you can and it will pick away.”

Ann Russell has a massive following of 1.4million, where fans are often sending in questions asking for her to help. 

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