Savvy mum shares instant sandwich hack which keeps school lunches fresh all week

THERE are two types of parents in this world – those who use their child's lunchbox as a creative outlet and those who absolutely dread this nightly chore.

Well if you find yourself falling into the latter category (and can't think of anything worse than sending your little one to school with homemade sushi), then you might want to give this savvy mum's sandwich trick a try.

Posting on the Facebook group Aldi Mums, the Australian parent explained how she'll make a week's worth of ham or cheese sandwiches in one go, wrap them in baking parchment and freeze them in the bread bag.

Sharing a photo of her impressive meal prep, she wrote: "Toasties are prepped and ready for freezer for easy weekday brekkies!"

As well as taking them to work for her breakfast, the mum's hack also works for her children's school lunches- as by the time they sit down for their break, the sandwich will have defrosted.

She added: "I use baking paper to wrap them. It means they're easy to grab."

Her post has since racked up over 1,200 "likes" from other members of the group who have been a note of her clever life hack.

One replied: "This is pure genius. Wow!"

Another added: "Simple and effective. Well done! Good for all the family."

A third wrote: "Making a week's worth of sandwiches and freezing them is like having a holiday mid-term!"

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