This Plant-Derived Face Oil Is My Secret for All-Day Glowing Skin

While my morning skincare routine isn't as involved as the regimen I follow at night, that doesn't mean I'm not looking for specific results.

During the day, my goal is to have soft, glowing skin that lasts, well, all day — regardless of whether my video is on or off for my many Zoom calls. But hey, it definitely doesn't hurt to give a glam no-makeup look for when I really cannot be bothered to put anything else on my face besides skincare.

Thankfully, BeautyStat's Universal Moisture Essence — with its surprisingly simple formula — gives me the best of both worlds.

Every morning, after I've washed my face and applied a vitamin C serum, I layer on this oil just before I apply my moisturizer on top. The result? Beautiful, and I mean beautiful glowing skin that literally lasts until I'm ready to wash my face again. And overtime, I've noticed my skin has become softer and smoother as well.

But don't just take my word for it, 82% of testers came to the same glowing conclusions during clinical trials. On top of that, 51% added that it helped smooth out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, to boot.

BeautyStat Universal Moisture Essence

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Now, if I tell you there's only one ingredient in this incredibly effective face oil, you probably wouldn't believe me — but it's true. One hundred percent pure squalane — which is sustainably derived from plant sugars — is all the Moisture Essence needs to get the job done.

But before you start going into a Googling frenzy, just pause for a moment, because I get that it may trip you out to read that this product only houses one ingredient. However, considering that the one ingredient is squalane, it makes perfect sense.

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This powerhouse element is known for its ability to easily be absorbed into deep layers of the skin, thus giving you all the moisturization benefits of a traditional oil, without the greasy residue.

Furthermore, during clinical testing, BeautyStat found that the Universal Moisture Essence was able to improve skin elasticity and enhance the skin lipid barrier — all while being non-comedogenic and non-irritating. So yes, even the most sensitive of skin types can safely use and benefit from this truly amazing product.


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