What the lines on red Solo cups really mean – they aren’t for measuring alcohol | The Sun

RED Solo cups are synonymous with partying, but the disposable drinkware has lots of everyday uses.

The real meanings of the lines seem mundane, but you might find yourself using the measurements every day.

According to Reader's Digest, there's a common misconception that the lines on red Solo cups are intended for measuring alcohol.

"People use the lines on plastic cups for pouring drinks," the experts explained, because the measurements associated with each line correspond with standard alcohol serving sizes.

"The bottom-most line, measuring one ounce, is thought to be for pouring liquor," the common explanation goes.

In the middle of the cup is the five-ounce line – associated with the perfect serving of wine.


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The pros continued, "the line closest to the rim of the cup measures 12 ounces for beer."

But as handy as the lines are for party games and casual gatherings, they're actually not intended for measuring alcohol.

According to Reader's Digest, Solo added the one-, five- and 12-ounce indicators for measuring common household products.

"While the alcohol component is surprisingly accurate in terms of measurements, Solo also offers fun, kid-friendly ways to use the lines in the plastic drinkware – think juice, chocolate syrup, and Shirley Temples," the experts wrote.

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Solo has great non-alcoholic drink recommendations for kids that make use of the lines.

Fill the cup with chocolate syrup to the one-ounce line. Then, fill the rest of the cup with milk and stir.

You'll have the perfect ratio for delicious chocolate milk.

Meanwhile, the five-ounce line indicates an appropriate daily serving of juice for a child.

You can make use of all the lines to craft a Shirley Temple: add one ounce of grenadine and five ounces of Sprite, then fill the rest of the cup with ice.

Adults can use the Solo cup lines for everyday purposes, too.

If you drink five 12-ounce Solo cups of water per day, you'll have met your daily recommended hydration goal.

Fill the cup to the five-ounce line for a perfectly portioned serving of cereal.

Or keep a Solo cup near the bathroom sink – the one-ounce line is the best way to measure mouthwash.

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