Yolanda Hadid Makes Runway Return Alongside Gigi and Bella

Long before she gave birth to the omnipresent supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, Yolanda Hadid was a model in her own right. By no means has she given up on Fashion Week, but these days, the 56-year-old prefers the front row—the better to get the proud momager content she posts seemingly constantly to her Instagram. Though this fashion month hasn’t quite reached its end, it appears that Yolanda is already satisfied with her harvest this season: On Thursday, during Paris Fashion Week, she abandoned her post on the sidelines to join her daughters on the runway at Off-White. 

Never one to scale back, Off-White figurehead Virgil Abloh also cast supers like Carolyn Murphy and Mariacarla Boscono. As usual, though, it was the Hadids who stole the show, which started with Bella and ended with Gigi. Yolanda fell somewhere in between, just before Karlie Kloss. In contrast to her daughter’s giant tulle dresses, Yolanda wore black trousers, cat eye sunglasses, and a graffitied blazer with an off-white bra to match. Ostensibly in keeping with the show’s mechanic theme, she also wore a silver and gold pair of earrings that resembled allen wrenches. Collaboration-crazed as he is, Abloh has stayed admirably committed to IKEA. (Excuse us—“IKEA.”)

Мама "звёздных" красоток Джиджи и Беллы Хадид Иоланда продефилировала на показе коллекции «Off-White» осень/зима 2020. ? Кстати, женщина в свое время тоже являлась достаточно популярной моделью, пока не решила отказаться от карьеры и полностью посвятить себя семье. ? Очень эффектная! #yolandahadid #bellahadid #gigihadid #offwhite #pfw #offwhitefw20

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Gigi and Bella’s little brother Anwar, who is both a model and a jewelry designer, appears to have opted out of the family reunion. “Anwar’s actually kind of shy,” Yolanda told W of her son in 2018. “Unless I push him into things, he likes to be in the background and do his thing.” Yolanda, on the other hand, seemed more than happy to return to her roots. (She broke into the industry at 16, before she’d even seen a fashion magazine, and modeled for decades.) For the first time in living memory, the self-proclaimed “mama bear” has yet to post a single photo or video of Bella or Gigi at the show; instead, she’s been flooding her Instagram Stories with reposts of herself. 

Yolanda is just the latest surprising model to hit the runway this season. Miley Cyrus made a cameo at Marc Jacobs in New York, Jada Pinkett Smith opened Philipp Plein in Milan, and Lena Dunham made her runway debut at 16Arlington in London.

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It wouldn’t be a Philipp Plein show without controversy. Failing to remove the two giant gilded helicopters from the backdrop of what was supposedly an homage to Kobe Bryant might be one of Plein’s biggest blunders yet, but at least this time, it also gave us an opportunity to see a show opened by Jada Pinkett Smith.

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