How to Do the Celebrity-Loved Crystal Eye Makeup Trend That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

The way HBO's Euphoria inspired all of us to try bold makeup will remain one of the most influential moments in the beauty world.  Doni Davy, the mastermind behind the show's breathtaking looks, initiated a wave of people adding jewels and crystals to their otherwise simple makeup looks for a fun, youthful, and sparkly twist. And with […]

Nail polish is back once again, and this time anyone can wear it

Nail polish has quietly fallen out of favour over a number of years. Why do yourself what a professional can do better, and to last for much longer? Gels and intricate nail art reign in salons, plus Instagram culture has made that perfected look all the more desirable. Nail polish, done at home, is far […]

19 Haircut Buzzwords You Need to Know Before Seeing Your Stylist

19 Haircut Buzzwords You Need to Know Before Seeing Your Stylist There are a lot of beauty buzzwords worth knowing, but that is especially true when it comes to haircuts. From the clavicut to the lob to the “bixie” cut, sometimes it’s hard to discern between them all. We asked hairstylists to break down classic […]

These Are The '80s Fashion Trends Stylists Say Will Be Everywhere in 2022

It's no secret fashion trends from the 1990s and early 2000s are having a moment like never before, but the alternative era isn't the only time period pushing for a renaissance. Amidst all the mom jeans and exaggerated flares, skort outfits, printed denim, and black dress pants, fashionistas are also making room in their wardrobes for […]