Sephora Has a New Favorites Kit That's Filled With Products From Black-Owned Brands

We love our Sephora Favorites kits; they’re the easiest way to try out new beauty products we’ve been curious about, and you know that since they have the Sephora stamp of approval, they’re worth the money. Plus, if you’re traveling and need minis of your favorite items, they’re all available in a favorites kit. The […]

5 Fun and Sleek Sunglasses Shapes to Invest in This Fall

5 Fun and Sleek Sunglasses Shapes to Invest in This Fall We know you’re searching for sunglasses shapes to add to your year-round rotation, so we won’t skimp on the trends you’ll want to get to know. We scoured the runways and checked the new arrivals from our favorite eyewear brands — Oliver Peoples, Poppy […]

Here's How to Properly Clean and Dry Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes isn't the most enjoyable thing to do, but it is rather important. Over time, the bristles can become a breeding ground for bacteria that could lead to breakouts (ewwww). That's why it's crucial to clean the tools at least two times a month — but those who use their brushes more than the […]