Drivers campaign for changes on new car tax fees as motorists oppose system

This year has seen many new car tax changes and motoring laws come into place. Now one campaigner has opposed plans as he believes tax fees should be based on mileage drivers complete. He feels as though this would better "reflect the emissions" the car produces in a bid to tackle the country's pollution. Campaigner […]

Rachael Ray's Thai Chili-Glazed Salmon Gets Its Flavor From This Surprising Addition

Having fish for dinner is one of our favorite meals in the summer. It’s light, filling, fast-cooking, and full of health benefits. What’s not to like, right? Well, if you’re looking for a new summer-worthy seafood recipe to add to your rotation, look no further than Rachael Ray’s latest: Thai Chili-Glazed Salmon. Just from the […]

Why The Timing Of Prince Harrys Book Is Raising Eyebrows

Prince Harry has revealed quite a lot about his life as both a royal and a private citizen — more, certainly, than the palace expected or wanted to hear. Now it appears that he may have even more to say than previously thought. The Daily Mail just broke the news that the memoir coming out […]

A Whitney Houston Hologram Concert Is Going To Las Vegas. Heres What We Know

Whitney Houston’s legacy lives on and she’s … coming to Las Vegas? That’s right. The late pop icon’s estate revealed the holographic Whitney Houston concert is on its way to the United States with a new residency in Las Vegas. The concert began in Europe featuring a Houston hologram and the singer’s greatest hits. Houston made a […]

MLB: Cleveland Indians to change name to Guardians for 2022 season

Cleveland’s baseball franchise will change its name to the Guardians and the decision will come into effect after the end of the 2021 season. It comes one year on from the day team owner Paul Dolan said the organisation would be engaging with Native American leaders and key stakeholders to determine an inclusive name for the […]

Why You Should Definitely Talk to Your Doctor About Your Heavy Periods

We all know that our periods can ebb and flow (no pun intended). But if your periods seem to go on forever or are abnormally heavy, you may be one of the one in five women of childbearing age who have iron deficiency anemia (IDA). If you’re not familiar, IDA is a common type of […]

These optical illusions are dividing the web – but what do YOU see?

Forget The Dress, there’s a new optical illusions dividing the web – but what colors and shapes do YOU see? Tricky optical illusions, by Gala Spins, show how images can deceive the eye  Behavioural Optometrist, Bhavin Shah, reveals science behind optical illusions  Brits have been left divided over this new set of head scratching images […]

Taco Bell Faces Food Shortage Problems, Unable To Meet Menu Demands

This past year restaurants all across the nation have been hit hard with national food shortages. Ketchup packets and chicken wings have been amongst the few products that have been difficult to procure, greatly affecting a lot of menu items. Now, famous fast-food restaurant chain Taco Bell has announced that it has also been affected. Taco Bell’s […]