Heavily-tattooed man stuns Melbourne crowds with his piano skills

Don’t judge a book by its cover: Face-tattooed man stuns crowds in Melbourne with his incredible skills on the piano – and you won’t believe his age A heavily tattooed gentleman has shocked crowds with a secret musical talent Barry ‘Bazza’ Leadbetter discovered an old piano in a Melbourne op shop The 76-year-old begun to […]

Vanessa Bryant rips Evan Rachel Wood for calling Kobe 'rapist'

Vanessa Bryant calls Evan Rachel Wood ‘vile and disturbing’ for calling her husband Kobe a ‘rapist’ just hours after he died Wood, 33, had tweeted: ‘What has happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe’s family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist’ Vanessa Bryant, 38, took to her Instagram Stories to […]

Children playing games on Xboxes and PlayStations groomed by paedophiles

CHILDREN playing games on Xboxes and PlayStations have been groomed by paedophiles. They are among more than 1,000 victims to be targeted online in the past two years, according to police force data. Many grooming cases involve popular sites and apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Predators are also lurking on less […]

Dems’ new COVID relief bill mainly subsidizes health care for the rich

More On: democrats Eric Swalwell’s white male privilege and other commentary GOP Sen. Josh Hawley, Democrats propose alternatives to minimum wage hike Minimum wage hike can’t be part of COVID relief bill, Senate official rules NY Dem ‘not comfortable’ with ’embarrassing’ pork in $1.9T Biden bill Democrats’ holy grail is reducing income inequality. So it’s […]

Satellite images reveal damage caused by Biden's first air strike

Biden’s first air strike: Satellite images reveal how seven 500lb bombs wiped out Iranian-backed Shia militia compound in Syria ‘killing 22 fighters’ – as Pentagon calls attack ‘the more restrained option’ The US dropped seven 500lbs bombs on site – which was used by two Iranian-backed Shia militia groups Images taken before the blast shows […]

City Council candidate wants NYPD Commish Shea ‘hung by his cajones’

More On: dermot shea NYPD deploys more cops into subway system amid crime spree NYPD union head refuses to apologize for calling lawmaker ‘first class whore’ Fearful NYC transit workers open up about spike in subway violence ‘The time for action is now:’ Calls for more subway cops grow louder after A train carnage A […]