Teacher who let boy kiss her on the cheek at prom avoids classroom ban

Teacher who let a male student kiss her on the cheek at the prom, ‘crossed boundaries’ with pupils who chatted to her on Instagram, and failed to alert bosses over a teenager suffering emotional abuse at home, avoids a teaching ban Victoria Glaister was warned about her pictures and conduct on social media She taught […]

Man told 'don't be a baby' by his boss while battling cancer

Cancer sufferer who was told to ‘grow up’ and ‘don’t be a baby’ when he took weekends off following ‘traumatic’ and ‘brutal’ treatment wins £40,000 for unfair dismissal General manager Steve Pointon was 36 when he was diagnosed with cancer  Mr Pointon earned £35,000 working for  Alpha Omega Securities in Cheshire  He was criticised for ‘not […]

Dementia-sufferer, 73, wins age discrimination case against Asda

Dementia-sufferer, 73, wins age discrimination case against Asda over claims she was ‘pushed out’ when boss asked if she wanted to retire after staff raised alarm about her ‘forgetfulness’ Joan Hutchinson, 75, worked for an Asda store in Deeside, Wales, for 20 years She resigned on September 25, 2020, after feeling she was being ‘pushed […]

Emma Watson accused of anti-Semitism by Israel UN envoys

’10 points from Gryffindor for being an antisemite’: Emma Watson is accused of anti-Semitism by Israel’s UN envoys over Instagram post expressing support for Palestinians Israel’s UN envoys have accused actress Emma Watson of anti-Semitism It follows an picture shared on her Instagram expressing support for Palestine Image posted with caption containing solidarity quote from […]

Model is filmed calling Asian club doorman 'a little Paki f**k'

EXCLUSIVE: Model, 24, faces police probe after she is filmed calling Asian nightclub bouncer ‘a little Paki f***’ and accuses him of stealing her handbag in vile racist rant Natasha Williams, 24, was filmed screaming at her boyfriend outside a nightclub in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, on Boxing Day She was furious when she was prevented […]

NYC dealing with record number of first responders out sick heading into New Year's Eve

First responder worker shortage threatening basic emergency services American Ambulance Association president Shawn Baird on how the labor shortage could lead to nationwide emergency service delays New York City is facing a critical staffing shortage of first responders as there are more NYPD officers and emergency medical services personnel out sick this week than at […]

Plan to solve Troubles with game hunting trip to South Africa revealed

How to bring peace to Northern Ireland? Send Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley on a midnight hunting trip in South Africa: Officials’ bizarre plan revealed Plan to send Northern Ireland’s political leaders on a ‘game hunting’ trip in South Africa was considered during peace process Declassified files detailed Ireland’s proposal to host a meeting with […]