Amy Schumer had to have a hysterectomy and appendectomy at the same time

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Amy Schumer, like one in ten women, suffers from endometriosis. Like Olivia Culpo, Mae Whitman, Halsey, Padma Laksmi, Julianne Hough and Tia Mowry she is being open about her journey. Amy took to Instagram recently to share how she had to have a hysterectomy and appendectomy due to endometrial tissue growing outside her uterus. Below are a few more highlights via Yahoo!:

Speaking to the camera, Schumer said that it was “the morning after my surgery for endometriosis and my uterus is out.”

She added: “The doctor found 30 spots of endometriosis that he removed. He removed my appendix because the endometriosis had attacked it.

“There was… a lot of blood in my uterus and I’m, you know, sore and I have some, like, gas pains.”

Schumer, who has a 2-year-old son, has spoken before about her battle with endometriosis.

The condition, which affects one in 10 women of reproductive age worldwide, sees tissue similar to the lining of the womb start to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

The main symptom of the condition, for which there is no cure, is pain, which may be felt in the abdomen, during sex or when urinating.

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I know many women who suffer from endometriosis. For years my gynecologist thought I had the disorder too until I had a procedure to rule it out. I wouldn’t wish endometriosis on my worse enemy. I also did not know that endometriosis could spread to the appendix so I definitely learned something new here. As a surgical tech I did procedures where I saw endometriosis on people’s intestines so it tracks. I am glad that so many celebrity women are speaking out about this especially since the topic has long been taboo. When high profile women open the door to these discussions, it helps other women come out of the silence and seek help. I wish Amy a fast recovery and hope that by sharing her journey she will help other women suffering.

A post shared by @amyschumer

A post shared by @amyschumer

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