Arnold Schwarzenegger Postpones Fitness Expo Due To Coronavirus

Bad news for health freaks planning to hit up Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Sports Festival this weekend … the event has been terminated due to the coronavirus. For now.

The event in Columbus, OH is the country’s biggest health and fitness expo … where a quarter-million people gather every year to check out all the new equipment, apparel and nutrition booths.

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While there has only been one reported investigation into coronavirus in Ohio, Ah-nold wasn’t willing to take any risks — after all, it is a HEALTH expo.

Schwarzenegger made the announcement via speakerphone at the Ohio Statehouse on Tuesday … saying he hopes to reschedule the expo when the disease is under control.

“The Coronavirus is dangerous and there are health risks involved,” Arnold said. “We have biggest and best health and fitness festival in the world but we would never choose making money over people’s health.”

Not all is lost, however … the sports competitions (including weightlifting) will go on as scheduled, but fans will only be able to attend the Arnold Classic final.

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