BLACKPINK tease amazing stage and 'immersive experience' for The Show

BLACKPINK has revealed some of what their fans can expect from The Show – and it sounds pretty special already. 

The band will be treating their Blinks to a very special live-streamed concert on January 31, and the girls have got big things planned for The Show. 

They told what they have in store for their virtual gig: ‘When it comes to ‘online performance’, we think that many people might be curious about what new digital technologies will be added to our stage. 

‘Although we are exploring new technologies, we wanted to focus more on the essential attributes and value of the live performance.  

‘It was not easy but we believe that we found a way to deliver the best immersive experience for our viewers, thanks to our excellent staff. We prepared multiple large-scale sets and special stages, which might have been difficult to execute if it were our world tour.

‘We would like to emphasize that the ability to share our music with our fans at the same time during this difficult time is what makes virtual concert special. Through The Show we hope to cherish that special moment together.’

The Show was initially due to take place on December 27, but like many events, was pushed back by a month due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

However, BLACKPINK promise it has been worth the wait as the extra weeks have allowed them to add even more to The Show than they had planned before. 

The band explained: ‘Although the concert was postponed, now having it on January 31 allowed us to add a special stage that would have been difficult if the concert were not pushed back. 

‘It will be a special gift to our fans. We are very excited because there are songs from The Album that will be performed for the first time and previous songs we have changed up a bit. 

‘We will also introduce a never-before-seen stage so we hope everyone is looking forward to it as much as we are!’

BLACKPINK’s debut studio album, The Album, was released in October 2020 and featured collaborations with Selena Gomez on Ice Cream and Cardi B on Bet You Wanna. 

The band say they were ‘honoured’ to work alongside these stars, and would love to get back in the studio with some of their previous collaborators. 

They revealed: ‘It is hard to give specific names as there are too many great artists we want to work with. But we would like to say that all of previous collaboration partners, such as Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Cardi B, were artists that we looked up to for a long time. 

‘We were so honoured to work with them and are very pleased with what we came up with. If possible, we hope to work with them again in the future.’

BLACKPINK: The Show will stream on YouTube on January 31. 

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