Brielle Biermann DESTROYS Critics: Yes, I Am Naturally This Hot!

Brielle Biermann is many things.

She's a reality star. She's an entrepreneur. She's a walking, talking thirst trap.

She is also the last person about whom you want to make claims that you can't back up.

After the Don't Be Tardy star and Real Housewives of Atlanta progeny shared some gorgeous, natural selfies, she was accused of faking them.

Her skin couldn't look so smooth and glowy naturally, right?

Wrong – as Brielle explained when she clapped back hard at the accusations that were fired her way.

Take a look below and see her words, and the tantalizing photos in question, for yourself.

1.Here is how it started

2.What got people talking was her caption

3.What was the issue?

4.They declared that she was lying

5.It was weird

6.Now, she is clapping back

7.Her eyelashes? They're real

8.And the context for the selfies?

9.Beyond that …

10.But she's chosen to see it as a compliment

11.It's a whole new Brielle

12.High risk, high reward

13.She also went brunette

14.It's not that she wasn't hot before

15.And look at this …

16.That's not all …

17.For reference

18.Brielle really caught a lot of attention

19.She didn't celebrate alone

20.Good for her!

21.Speaking of which …

22.It's refreshing

23.Just to be clear …

24.Bring on the throwbacks!

25.There's a limit on throwbacks, folks

26.Anyway …

27.It's not just hotness, either

28.Brielle is fun to watch

29.Those too, though

30.Keep it up!

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