Britney Spears’ son says she ‘might quit’ music, plus more news

Is Britney Spears done with music for good?

It’s a good bet things are tense at Britney Spears’ house this week. On Tuesday, March 3, the singer’s 12-year-old son Jayden Federline hopped on Instagram Live and proceeded to talk his mom’s personal life and future. The post and related comments have since been taken down, but Refinery 29 reports there were some bombshells that got dropped first. Among them, was Jayden’s reply to a fan who wondered whether Britney was making new music. “Actually I haven’t seen her doing a lot of music at all,” he said during the stream. He went on to say that he’d asked her about it at one point and she told him she “might just quit it.” Britney has been on a hiatus for years, during which time she’s had multiple conflicts with her father regarding her conservatorship. Jayden also weighed in on his opinion of his grandpa, whom Kevin Federline (Jayden and Sean Federline’s dad) has accused of physically harming Sean. Let’s just say Jayden summed up Jamie Spears with a not-so-friendly four-letter word. On a happier note, he apparently gave two thumbs-up to Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Jayden’s account was later made private.

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