Chuck D Says Flavor Flav’s Firing From Public Enemy Was April Fools’ Joke

In a recent interview with the Uproxx podcast “People’s Party With Talib Kweli,” rapper Chuck D revealed that the very public firing of Favor Flav from Public Enemy was a ruse to promote the group’s upcoming album, Loud Is Not Enough.

The pair are originally believed to have been feuding over the use of the band’s name and title of their song, “Fight The Power” by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Flav was later fired from the group, though they clarified that it was not his political inclinations that led them to make the decision to cut him out.

“Public Enemy did not part wats with Flavor Flav over his political views. Flavor Flav has been on suspension since 2016 when he was MIA from the Harry Belafonte benefit in Atlanta, Georgia. That was the last straw for the group…He always chose to party over work,” the group explained in an official statement.

However, in the new interview, Chuck D added that it was part of an elaborate plan to direct public attention to their new album; “I’m not saying it’s a hoax,” he said. “I’m saying that the original intention is to get your attention.”

Flav, on the other hand, took to Twitter to clarify that it was anything but a hoax; “There are more serious things in the world right now than April Fool’s jokes and dropping records,” Flav wrote.

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