CNN’s John King Has People Divided, With Some Calling Him a Sorcerer & Others Not Loving His Sayings

John King is currently a trending topic on Twitter thanks to his election night coverage on CNN… mainly because people can’t get enough of his magic wall!

Twitter is even calling the commentator a “sorcerer” for his use of the wall, which shows the live election results and allows King to zoom in on specific counties and congressional districts to show detailed voting results.

While a lot of people are praising King for his coverage tonight, some people also aren’t loving some of his sayings, including how he considers this “fun” to watch. The race is super close right now and not many people are having “fun” watching the election coverage.

Busy Philipps and Stephen Amell are among the people tweeting about King and you can read all of the tweets below.

So many people, including celebs, are tweeting about their Election Day anxiety as well.

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