Davina McCall on being in her 50s: ‘I feel like a foxy minx’

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The TV host, 52, also had a dig at people who called her an “older woman”, saying it made her want to stick up her middle finger. She told Women’s Health: “I feel like whenever people start trying to put me in that box, it makes me want to be really naughty. I feel like running around flicking everybody the bird. I want to do something outlandish and outrageous.”

Davina, who is the mother of Holly, 18, Tilly, 16, and Chester, 13, also lashed out at critics of her appearance after she split from her second husband Matthew Robertson, 51, three years ago.

The fitness devotee said of her weight loss back then: “It’s called the divorce diet, where you just literally shed.

“It was nothing I did. I was just running on adrenaline.

“There are some very uninformed people [out there] who don’t think about the story behind the sadness.”

However, she is much happier now.

Partly thanks to the hormone replacement therapy patches she uses to help deal with the menopause.

She said: “My phone was in the fridge and my keys were in the bin. My night sweats became so bad. I just never slept through. I couldn’t read autocue.

“From the minute I put the little patch on – boom, sleep. Oh my God, the joy. I felt like I was back.”

She added: “Women over 50 feel sexy, we can dress sexily and we can wear underwear and we still enjoy orgasms.

“People say, ‘Oh, it’s all gone… you’re finished with your wizened, dried-up ovaries.’ I feel like it’s really important to say that people in their fifties are having the time of their lives.”

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