Eamonn Holmes comes under fire for bashing constant woke agenda amid hopes for GB News

Andrew Neil says GB News is 'proud to be British'

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This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes, 60, was criticised by fans for hoping GB News would be a wake up call for all other broadcasters to stay away from “constant woke agenda”. His statement came after the new channel launched on Sunday evening with special programme Welcome To GB News, hosted by the channel’s chairman Andrew Neil.

I have huge respect for TV news but this is a reminder that News is not just Westminster or a constant woke agenda

Eamonn Holmes

There has been much hype about the latest broadcaster, whose early ratings figures showed that in its first three hours on-air beat both BBC and Sky News, which aims to provide current affairs studio and debate, in a different model to the rolling news format of other established channels.

Taking to Twitter, Eamonn penned in view of his 1million followers: “I hope @GBNEWS gets a decent chance…

“We need a shake up on the News front.”

He added: “May it keep all the other News providers on their toes.

“I have huge respect for TV news but this is a reminder that News is not just Westminster or a constant woke agenda.”

While many agreed with his sentiments, others targeted him for bashing “woke” people.

One said: “‘Constant woke agenda’? Christ, you really are a relic, as Eamonn hit back with: “And u r obviously stupid.”

Another pointed out: “Hilarious that you think ‘woke’ is a bad thing when the opposite literally means asleep. The dictionary also describes it as ‘alert to social injustice and discrimination, especially racism’ so it’s very bizarre that people try desperately to make it look like a bad thing!”

A third wondered: “So an increasingly right wing UK needs even more right wing ‘news’? The UK needs better information (and education) services, but that expressly means they should be less right wing, far more open to views/attitudes shaped outside of an insular, regressive, British conservatism.”

“Explain, exactly, what you mean by ‘constant woke agenda’, which channels broadcast it and why it is a bad thing, Eamonn,” a fourth said.

Someone else politely asked: “Hi Eamonn, please can you define your meaning of woke. I always thought it meant being well informed and aware of social matters.”

During the show, the presenter and others also noticed some technical issues.

He wrote: “Is it just me? @GBNEWS picture quality and/or lighting not right. Words good/lighting not so.”

Eamonn, who is currently on a break from This Morning, went on to respond to Twitter users who reacted to his post.

One commented: “But your still watching it!!!”(sic)

“I certainly am,” he replied.

Another user commented: “And so much black in the backdrop… are we at a funeral?”

“And the picture is so fuzzy Mike. Not broadcasting in HD it seems,” the presenter replied.

The former Sky News anchor also hinted he could be getting involved with the channel at a later date.

Another asked: “You there too?”

He replied: “Not yet,” followed by two smiling faces emojis.

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