Ellen DeGeneres fans accuse star of ‘forcing’ Mariah Carey to reveal pregnancy weeks before miscarriage

Ellen DeGeneres' fans have accused the star of "forcing" Mariah Carey into revealing she was pregnant weeks before she suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage.

The 62 year old, who has been facing a number of allegations claiming she's "mean", had a sit down interview on her show with the singer back in 2008.

In the clip, Ellen casually asked Mariah about rumours suggesting that she might be pregnant, but the blonde bombshell simply said: "Let's not discuss that," before laughing the remark off.

The TV show host, appearing to be fine with the answer, first replied: "Okay, well you don't have to answer that…"

She then got up and picked up a bottle of Champagne and two flutes as she said: "Let's just toast with Champange".

After a bit of back and forth Mariah, who was expecting with Nick Cannon, told her: "I can't believe you did this to me Ellen. This is peer pressure."

She then pretended to take a sip of the sparkling yellow liquid. She later revealed: "Yes, we are pregnant, this is true!"

"It's been a long journey. It's been tough, because I've been trying to hold on to a shred of privacy."

Re-watching the video, people on Twitter have now slammed Ellen for putting the We Belong Together hitmaker into an awkward position on TV.

One said: "Why did you think it was appropriate to manipulate Mariah Carey into announcing her pregnancy on your show by trying to make her drink alcohol? Did you feel like s**t when she miscarried, after you forced her pregnancy into the global spotlight against her will? #AskEllen". [sic]

"Everyone is surprised that Ellen DeGeneres is a c**t but did we all forget when she asked mariah carey r u pregnant? and when mariah said didn’t want to talk about it she handed her a glass of champagne and tried to force her to drink it to prove she wasn’t with child, vile," [sic] another chimed.

While a third added: "She tried to force Mariah Carey to drink on her show to get her to admit she wasn’t pregnant just for Mariah to go on and have a miscarriage? That was mean". [sic]

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