Emily Andrea slams ‘unsensible’ Donald Trump for taking anti-malaria drug to try and battle coronavirus

In Emily Andrea 's latest column for OK! magazine , the 30 year old criticises President Donald Trump for taking an anti-malaria drug to try and battle coronavirus, teases that her six year old daughter could be taking on the charts and discusses Paddy McGuinness' openness about his experience with therapy.

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'President Trump isn’t being sensible'

The Government has suggested that we could have access to a coronavirus vaccine by September. The first clinical trials are said to be “progressing well” and 30 million could be ordered for the UK if it works. Obviously the whole world is trying to get hold of vaccinations so we’re going to have to be patient and realistic. It may be similar to the flu vaccine in the sense that people may need a yearly vaccination or booster, as it’s not yet clear how long immunity will last after one jab.

With the lockdown gradually being lifted there may be another peak to come, but because a greater number of the population have now had the virus hopefully this means the second peak will be smaller. We don’t have enough information at the moment to say accurately what proportion of people have been infected, but with more testing, including the new antibody tests, we should start to get a clearer idea soon.

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President Donald Trump has revealed he’s been taking an anti-malaria drug called hydroxychloroquine in the hope of warding off coronavirus. In my opinion, telling people he’s taking a drug that may or may not work when he hasn’t even tested positive isn’t a sensible decision. There are also many different side effects to the drug including irregular heart rhythms, which can be dangerous. If he wants to make those decisions about his own health based on research that’s in the very early stages, I don’t think he should be publicising that. It could risk other people doing the same, who may potentially become unwell. Right now, there isn’t enough research to prove if it’s effective at treating or preventing Covid-19.

Could Millie follow in Pete’s footsteps?

Millie loves singing but she’s so shy so we’re trying to build her confidence. We recorded her singing in Pete’s studio but we all had to leave the room because she won’t sing if anyone else is in the room or she thinks we’re watching.

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I don’t know if she’ll follow in Pete’s footsteps because she’s only six and I have no idea if she’s any good, but I’m always encouraging her to sing because she loves it. As she’s shy like me I don’t know if she’ll ever get the confidence to go up on stage, so we’ll have to wait and see.

We’ve been lucky that we haven’t run out of things to do with the kids and we’re loving being at home with them. As well as baking quiches and banana cake, we’ve built a little pond in the garden and collected some tadpoles for it. The kids love it and it keeps them occupied for a while!

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Paddy’s Therapy Breakthrough

Paddy McGuinness has spoken about how getting therapy for his anxiety and fear of flying made him realise that money isn’t the “be all and end all”. I would always say if you’re thinking about getting therapy it’s worthwhile because it can be life-changing.

Keeping emotions inside and not working through psychological issues can make things more difficult in the long term. When you have any fear, I think it’s good to tackle it. I know this must sound ridiculous because I’m a doctor, but I don’t like needles!

Taking other people’s blood or giving injections doesn’t bother me, but when I’m on the receiving end I really don’t like it. When I was training to be a doctor I wondered if it would affect me doing the job, but luckily I was fine and I’ve never had to turn to therapy.

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