Floyd Mayweather Dominates Logan Paul But No Knockouts, 'I Had Fun'

Logan Paul came out swingin’ … but in the end, Floyd Mayweather is just too good.

There was no “official” winner in Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather — but we didn’t need judges to see the domination after it went the distance, a full 8 rounds.

26-year-old Logan came out strong Sunday night — and even landed a handful of serious power shots.

But 44-year-old Floyd ate everything Logan had — and began to really open up in round 3 in front of a fired up crowd at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

From then on … it was pure Mayweather domination.

Logan looked like he started to gas in round 3 … Mayweather looked fast, strong and confident all the way to the end.

Hell, Mayweather probably could’ve fought another 10 rounds if he wanted to.

The fight was an exhibition — so, there is no “official” winner … but everyone knows Floyd gets the “W.”

Floyd praised Logan after the fight — “He was better than I thought he was.”

Mayweather says Paul would have his work cut out for him against real heavyweights — but called Logan a “good guy” and admitted “I had fun.”

Logan was equally respectful — saying, “Floyd Mayweather, it was an honor … this is one of the greatest moments of my life.”

“This is the coolest thing ever, I’m happy I made it out … he’s tough to hit.

He then teased a rematch — “Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul 2?”

Props to Logan though … he did pretty well for a guy with an 0-1 pro boxing record.

Mayweather’s ring entrance included TWO rap performances. First up, Migos … followed by Moneybagg Yo.

He ring entrance outfit looked like it was made of GATOR SKIN.

Logan walked out with a super rare (and expensive) Pokemon card hanging around his neck.

The crowd was packed with stars — from Fat Joe to Paul Pierce, Ryan Garcia, Antonio Brown, Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin, Evander Holyfield, Matt Barnes and more.

Before the fight, Floyd told TMZ Sports he expected to make between $50 and $100 MILLION for the fight … and had already spent some of the money on brand new cars for his close friends and family members.

So, what’s next for Floyd? He told us he’ll “probably” fight Jake Paul next.

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