Haley Lu Richardson & Barbie Ferreira Go On A Road Trip in HBO Max’s ‘Unpregnant’

Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira seem to be having the time of their lives in this part of the trailer for their upcoming HBO Max movie, Unpregnant.

In the upcoming flick, seventeen-year-old Veronica (Richardson) never thought she’d want to fail a test—that is, until she finds herself staring at a piece of plastic with a blue plus.

With a promising college-bound future now disappearing before her eyes, Veronica considers a decision she never imagined she’d have to make.

This never-taken-lightly decision leads her on a 1000 mile hilarious road trip to New Mexico over three days with her ex-best friend, Bailey (Ferreira) where they discover sometimes the most important choice you’ll make in life is who your friends are.

Unpregnant will debut on the streaming service on September 10.

Check out the trailer below!

The network also just announced that they’ve picked up a new limited series. Here’s what it’s about…

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