Hilary Duff Publicly Asks Disney to Move the 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot to Hulu After They Shut It Down

There has been much drama with the new Lizzie McGuire reboot—after getting everybody (read: me) amped up for the show, last month Disney mysteriously put shooting on hiatus after determining that they wanted to “move in a different creative direction,” whatever that means.

Well, earlier this week Hilary Duff took to Instagram to hint that the reason the show was put on hold was because it wasn’t “family friendly” enough for Disney—and just today she took her discontent with the network public, asking if the reboot could be moved to Hulu (which is owned by Disney) instead.

She posted a statement on Instagram talking about why the show shouldn’t have to maintain a PG rating, and explained why the rating would be doing everyone a “disservice.” Hilary shared:

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Lizzie McGuire

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And gotta say…I’m team Hilary/Lizzie on this one. Pick up the show, Hulu!!

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