I couldnt care less! Gavin and Staceys Joanna Page hits back at weight loss pressure

Joanna Page wonders about being married to James Martin

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Joanna Page as opened up on the pressure some women feel to lose weight after giving birth. Having recently welcomed her fourth child, the 45-year-old revealed she “couldn’t care less” about how she looks. 

Speaking to Express.co.uk in an exclusive interview, Joanna explained the only thing she is focused on is enjoying her time with her youngest child Boe, five months.  

She also shares Eva, nine, Kit, six, and Noah, five, with her husband, Emmerdale actor James Thornton. 

“I don’t feel it, but I can see how it’s incredibly difficult for lots of mums and how lots of mums find there to be such a pressure,” said the Stacey Shipman actress. 

“But I’ve got to be honest, personally I don’t because I don’t really care what anybody thinks about me! I’m not bothered about thinking, ‘Oh god, I’ve got to get back to work straight away!” 

“I’m thinking I just want to enjoy my time with her, because I know how fast it goes. I want to enjoy every second of it, so I’m not thinking I need to get that.

“With losing baby weight – you’ve grown them for nine months and your body goes through such a strain, and it’s really difficult, and as soon as you have them, breastfeeding, I just get so hungry.

“I am breastfeeding her and all I want to do is eat, myself.

“I’m not thinking I need to lose weight or look a certain way, the only thing I’m thinking about is, I just want to cwych my baby up, feed her, take her for lovely walks and I honestly couldn’t care less what anybody thinks of me.”

She continued: “I’ve always been like that, my parents brought me up to be strong and strong-minded. I am not bothered by what anyone thinks about what I do or what I look like.

“When I want to lose any baby weight or if I want to stay the same, I’ll do it whenever I feel like it. I’m not concerned, I’ve never felt that pressure or that strain.

“That’s the sort of person I am really.”

Joanna is often asked how she feels about her kids watching Love Actually, in which she played a body double for an adult film opposite Martin Freeman, her scenes featuring a lot of nudity. 

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“They’ve obviously not seen Love Actually yet because that’s far too old for them,” she explained.

“But people say to me, ‘Are you worried about when they see that?’ and I say, ‘Not at all!’ because I breastfed Eva until she was three. 

“I am now breastfeeding Boe, and everybody in the house is still obsessed with my boobs. So it’s just like the house celebrates my boobs. 

“And so when they eventually get to see it, I think they’ll be in hysterics because, ‘Oh my god it’s mummy’s boobs, and they are obsessed with my boobs.’

“And they will also think it’s funny if they see any flash of any bum, because they are at the age when they are obsessed with bums. 

“So I am not worried about them seeing that either, I think they will be in hysterics to be honest!” 

And when it comes to Joanna’s most famous role as Stacey, her children are starting to appreciate the much-loved programme. 

“They’ve only just now started watching the Gavin and Stacey Christmas specials, not the new Christmas special, for some reason that doesn’t really do it for them – but they love the first Christmas special,” Joanna laughed. 

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