‘In the House’ Star Maia Campbell Allegedly Working as Prostitute in Atlanta

A woman, who claims to have seen the former actress and model several times at the same gas station, says Maia is ‘openly pimping herself out for money and drugs.’

AceShowbizMaia Campbell has apparently hit rock bottom financially. The former actress, who is best known for her role as Tiffany Warren on sitcom “In the House”, is allegedly now making a living by being a sex worker.

Giving an update on Maia’s condition was an Atlanta woman, who claims to have met the former rising star in the 1990s at a Texaco gas station near Atlanta several times. Sharing about their encounters, the woman claims that the 43-year-old “is visibly strung out on drugs and openly pimping herself out for money and drugs.”

In a photo shared by the woman on her Facebook page, Maia was featured wearing nothing but a black bra, which has been ripped in one part, and gray underpants. She also rocked oversized glasses and her hair seemed to be unkempt.

Maia Campbell was allegedly caught pimping herself at a gas station in Atlanta.

Noting that Maia “always seemed so out of place to me,” the woman says, “In person she still has remnants of her old self, and she definitely has a glow of beauty that stands out amongst the rest of the usual crackheads and prostitutes that frequent the store daily.”

During their last meeting, the woman allegedly told Maia that she would never giver her money “to support her habit, but I would start bringing her food and some of my old clothes so she wouldn’t be down completely bad out there in these streets.”

“I also told her that if she ever felt like she was in danger and needed a place to lay her head from time to time to protect herself from the harsh weather she could contact me,” the woman adds. “The look in her eyes was priceless.” She then asks “all of my social media friends to pray for Ms. Maia Campbell.”

Maia, who was in the 1990s also working as a model, had been struggling with bipolar disorder her whole career, but the damages of the mental illness did not start to go public until the early 2000s. In the following year after the birth of her daughter Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez in 2000, she stopped taking medication for her bipolar disorder. This led her to losing custody of her daughter.

In 2009, a video showing Maia shouting profanities and appearing to be in an incoherent state went viral. A few weeks later, her stepfather Ellis Gordon released a statement announcing that she was at a facility receiving treatment.

He wrote, “As a family, we have been struggling with Maia in her illness for quite some time. We continue to hold fast to our faith and hope that some day she will realize that healing will begin when she decides to reach out and accept the help and treatment that have been offered to her. We all have challenges in life that we must face, but when compound problems such as mental illness and substance abuse are prevalent, it can appear that there is no way out.”

In 2010, Maia was arrested for theft and sent to a mandatory mental healthy facility in California. She lived in at a residential treatment center and transition to living on her own. It’s unknown when she started using drugs, but in 2012 Maia opened up about her struggles with mental illness and substance abuse when she appeared on an episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life”.

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