Judi Love speaks out on Loose Women feud rumours: ‘I’m always asked who doesn’t get on’

Loose Women star Judi Love has spoken out on her close relationship to the rest of the panel, crediting the women as “amazing, talented women.”

Writing exclusively in her weekly OK! column, Judi, who joined the show in 2020, dismissed rumours of a feud between any of the stars, instead explaining they’ve been nothing but supportive to her – particularly highlighting how they were there for her when her dad sadly passed away.

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I find it so strange that when I am asked about Loose Women, the first thing that’s usually asked is who doesn’t get on with who.

Why, when it comes to all-female workplaces, do people expect some kind of drama? There always seems to be an attempt to establish negativity or competition between women.

In reality, female colleagues create a sisterhood of understanding, friendship and support.

I have learnt so much from women in my industry, many of whom have reached out, offered advice and been my biggest cheerleaders.

When I lost my dad last year, the Loose Women team were so supportive. I feel privileged that I get to work with such amazing, talented women!


It’s been a busy few years and so last week I decided to take a break, soak up some sun and embrace total relaxation.

As a parent, you feel bad taking time for yourself, but it really is needed. If you don’t look after yourself, then how can you look after everyone else?

I’ve decided this is the year of self-care, and I encourage all OK! readers to make it a priority, too.

Whether that’s some dedicated quiet time, a walk by yourself, or just asking someone to have the children for a few hours, I’d encourage you to find something that gives you a little peace.

For me, that meant a week of beach time, a full body massage and a little bit of champagne, too!


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Rapper Digga D recently released a new song, Pump 101, sampling part of G-Unit’s Stunt 101.

I can’t lie, it reminded me of how old I am to hear a 2003 track sampled but I like to know what the kids are listening to.

And while I don’t love the graphic lyrics, I do think the UK rap scene’s taking over – making money, hits, winning awards and owning the full rights to their music.

But I still question whether there’s a stereotype of rappers in the media, and I don’t like the over-sexualisation of women in lyrics and music videos – it can feel as if female rappers’ success is governed by how much skin they’ll show.

My favourites are still the greats – Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, 2pac, Common, Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent are all firmly on my playlist.


I was so sad to hear that Regina King’s only child, son Ian Alexander Jr, has passed away aged 26. A spokesman for Regina confirmed that Ian died by suicide.

We never know the full circumstances around tragic situations like this, but what we do know is the sadness of that family’s loss.

Suicide rates in young men are on the rise and social media can only ever show one side of what people are dealing with.

Regina has been one of my biggest inspirations. She is an incredible, award-winning Black actress and director.

And in a year when she’s achieved so much, she’s lost the most precious thing. My heart goes out to her and the father of her son.


Last week, Adele posted an emotional video stating that her show in Vegas has been postponed due to delays caused by Covid.

There has been some backlash from fans who spent lots on tickets and airfares and there are even rumours the cancellation was caused by diva-like demands.

I know that having to cancel a show is truly the last resort, so I genuinely feel for her and hope that the show will soon be back on.

I don’t think Adele has anything to worry about – she is so loved and people waited six years for an album, so they will wait a few more weeks to see her live!

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