Kourtney Kardashian Starts Every Morning With a Very Specific Latte

Kourtney Kardashian cares a lot about what she puts into her body. The oldest Kardashian daughter has always been extremely healthy, but now that she runs her lifestyle brand, Poosh, she has become even more conscious of health and wellness. And Kardashian recently revealed the specific latte she starts each morning with.

Kardashian has tried various diet fads

Since the beginning of KeepingUp With the Kardashians, Kardashian has always been the one to try theinteresting diet trends. And once she started having kids, she became even moreserious about the food she was buying for her family. Kardashian has triedcutting out both gluten and dairy, though she recently said sheeats everything in moderation.

Though Kardashian is less strict with the foods she avoids these days, she still makes sure to be as healthy as possible. She also uses plenty of all-natural methods for things such as preventing cellulite and helping PMS.

She’s revealed many of her health secrets via Poosh

In 2019, Kardashian launched Poosh, a lifestyle and wellnesswebsite that covers everything from healthy eating to home décor. Many of theposts on the website are written by Kardashian, and she loves sharing herhealth and wellness secrets with readers.

Kardashian has detailed many of her lifestyle choices on the site, including how she got her body back after having kids and why she will “never skip” her daily collagen drink. Though some of the methods Kardashian uses have had mixed reviews from professionals, it’s hard to deny that she looks and feels great for her age. 

Kardashian starts each morning with a matcha latte

Kardashian recently revealed to fans that she loves to starther day with a matcha latte. And she even went so far as to share the exactrecipe she swears by. She revealed on Pooshthat she swears by green tea (matcha is essentially green tea in powder form)for its “powerful mind, body, and beauty benefits.” The Poosh article alsorevealed that everyone on the Poosh team loves this drink.

The recipe has three basic ingredients: Matcha, almond milk, and maple syrup. Kardashian boils two cups of almond milk and melts a half-teaspoon of matcha using a bit of boiling water. She then adds the matcha mixture to the milk and finishes with a quarter-cup of maple syrup (though the recipe noted that Kardashian has been cutting the maple syrup in half). Once done, she pours it into a mug and enjoys. 

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The sisters’ appearance is a big part of their image

Kardashian has always cared about how she looks, and in someways, she has to. The Kardashian sisters’ images have always been a huge partof their reputation. Lately, though, some think the sisters have become toocarried away with Botox and other fillers. But Kardashian reportedlydoesn’t use any fillers in her face; she simply works hard to put the best foodand drinks into her body. If that’s what it takes to look like her at 40, thenwe’ll definitely be checking out this matcha latte.

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