Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Are Currently Avoiding Each Other In Their Own HOME: ‘Things Are Ver

Things are continuing to go from bad to worse for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler!

As we’ve been reporting, these two are in the early stages of their recently-announced separation, and according to an E! News source they’re still staying in the same house, but only communicating “in regards to the children’s needs.”

The insider explained:

“Things are very tense between Jay and Kristin right now. They are on opposite sides of the house and only communicate in regards to the children’s needs. They have barely spoken since the Bahamas trip. It’s really a power struggle between the two of them.”

Apparently, The Hills alum was completely “blindsided” by the 36-year-old’s “urgent” divorce filing, says the confidant:

“She had hoped they could work things out more amicably and they were off to a good start before Jay pulled the trigger.”


We were also totally blindsided by the announcement of their separation, which came on Sunday! Since then, the Very Cavallari star has already removed “wife” from her Instagram bio, and we’re sure there are more changes to come soon for the both of them.

Now, they’re gearing up for a custody battle over Camden Jack, Jaxon Wyatt, and Saylor James, and the Uncommon James founder wants full custody because she “feels she can raise the kids in the safest environment,” a second source noted.

The insider continued:

“She’s very upset over all of this and is leaning on her close friends right now and focusing on her businesses. Kristin’s work is keeping her spirits up and she’s very proud of her accomplishments, something Jay never acknowledged.”

We just hope for the sake of their kiddos this is as painless a process as possible!

It’s understandable things came as a shock to Miz Cavallari, especially if she thought she’d be able to file first, but apparently things have been going downhill for quite some time. An insider previously described some career-related issues the pair had been experiencing:

“Jay wasn’t as supportive of her career as she would have liked. The issues were ongoing for a long time. Things weren’t improving. They both wanted the marriage to work … But this was a buildup and a long time coming. It wasn’t a sudden decision and they have known for a while that things were headed in this direction.”

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