Lady GaGa Recalls ‘Brutal’ Journey to Quitting Smoking

The Mother Monster vows to never smoke again and urges her loyal fans to do the same after she had a ‘hard’ and ‘awful’ experience of ditching cigarettes.

AceShowbizLady GaGa has sworn off smoking ever again after quitting “cold turkey.”

The “Born This Way” superstar has struggled to ditch her nicotine habit for years, but instead of gradually scaling back on cigarettes, she recently decided to cut them out altogether – and it’s been so “brutal,” she will never smoke again for fear of having to go through the whole process again.

“I’m not smoking any more, but I’d smoke 40 cigarettes all day long (if I could),” Gaga shared with Apple Music DJ Zane Lowe.

“I swear on my life I’m not smoking cigarettes. I completely quit – I quit cold turkey. But it was so hard.”

“If you don’t smoke, don’t smoke! Because quitting is worse,” the 33-year-old singer advised fans. “It is so brutal. And I will never smoke again because I think I saw Jesus for an entire week. It was so awful.”

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