Love Island’s Theo Campbell announces split from girlfriend Kaz Crossley

Love Island's Theo Campbell has announced that he's split up from his girlfriend Kaz Crossley.

The 28-year-old, who shot to fame in 2017 series of the ITV2 show, said that Kaz, 25, had broken up with him but he was hoping they would get back together.

They made their relationship official in March last year after meeting following Kaz's stint on Love Island 2018, during which she was coupled up with Josh Denzel .

When asked on FUBAR radio how their relationship was going Theo was vague, saying: "I don't wanna say too much but I'm gonna say, people these days and love these days, it's confusing. It's a tricky hard world. I feel like with us, I kinda gave it my everything and it feels a bit underappreciated. It's a bit crazy at the moment."

He was then asked if the pair were on a break and he confirmed that it was over.

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Theo then launched into a rant about women, suggesting it's an entire gender's fault that he got dumped.

He continued: "I don't know what to call it. What's the right way to say it? I got slinged! I don't know what to call it.

"I think girls anyway in general are hard to deal with… Before Kaz I hadn't had a girlfriend for five years, and I always said, especially coming off Love Island, that's why I never got with any of the other Love Island girls and nothing like that.

"I was like they're too mentally unstable! They're too all over the place! I don't want to get with none. I'm friends with them but I will never make any of them my girlfriend!

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"But then I met Kaz and I was like, you know what I mean, she might be a bit different, but when you get these overnight million followers and that overnight celebrity stuff, it's a lot of pressure for people to deal with, especially with, especially the girls and stuff as well!

"Trying to have the balance between a normal relationship and the other side of it, it's difficult to balance.

Theo then said the first six months of their relationship was "amazing" before Kaz supposedly gave up once they'd hit that milestone, but he was the perfect boyfriend throughout, of course.

He added: "I feel like girls, they keep their real emotions bottled up for the six months, selling the dream, and then six months they're like 'I've got him now and now I can be myself!'

"If there was such thing as the perfect boyfriend, it would be my face in the dictionary. The sacrifices I've made recently!!!"

Kaz supported Theo after he lost vision in one eye in a freak accident that saw a a champagne cork split it open.

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