Naughty Boys mum banned from watching distressing Im A Celeb due to dementia diagnosis

I'm A Celeb: Naughty Boy and Snoochie do the plank challenge

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Naughty Boy’s family members have recently lashed out at trolls who criticised him over his struggles in the Castle Clink, claiming they have “no idea” of the personal difficulties he is facing behind the scenes.

It might have seemed as though the music producer’s life is traumatising enough on the show, squeamishly fending off a whole host of insects while braving the Bushtucker Trials.

If only everyone knew what he’s battling on the outside world.

Naughty Boy’s family

However, there is an even more challenging struggle for him waiting at home.

His mother, Zahida, has been diagnosed with dementia and his niece Aisha has explained that they have had to censor some of the gorier clips from her sight altogether to avoid causing her anxiety and confusion.

“Watching it, she will get confused, especially if she saw him doing the trial,” Aisha revealed in quotes published by the Sun. “She would have been very, very distressed.”

However, “most nights, she will cheer ‘that is my son’,” Aisha continued, “and she will talk to the TV, bless her.”

Naughty Boy’s career began after he won £44,000 on the TV game show Deal Or No Deal, which he rapidly invested into his passion for music.

Building a studio in his parents’ garden, he began a journey which would see him producing tracks for Cheryl Cole, Rihanna, Tinie Tempah, Britney Spears and many others, as well as working on his own tunes.

When his mum began to suffer from dementia, the 36-year-old Watford local – real name Shahid Khan – decided to use music as therapy to help her battle the side-effects of the condition.

He joined Dementia UK last year as an ambassador for the cause, revealing his pride that he could use his position in the industry to “raise awareness of the cause and the charity”.

He spoke at the time of how his mum’s “ever-changing condition” placed “pressures… on the wider family”.

Now his family are here to rally around him too as he struggled with the challenges of the Clink and sensationally threatened to quit the show altogether.

He had already postponed an original ambition to be on the show in 2020 due to concerns over his mum’s health.

In an interview with PA, he had described himself as “gutted”, adding: “We were in and out of lockdown and, with so much anxiety, it just didn’t feel like the right time.


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“I’m hoping there is someone in the castle that has had some kind of experience with someone in their family or grandparents with dementia, and that would be a great conversation to have because there’s so much to learn. I don’t know everything, I’m learning as I go.”

The vulnerable star also acknowledged fears of going onto the show as “a private guy” and someone who didn’t want to lose his “mystery”.

He has since threatened to leave after failing two challenges and being unable to join the main camp in spite of his efforts.

After he was savagely trolled for his sensitivity, his family took to his Twitter account to admonish his critics.

A post was retweeted reading: “In a world where so many say to ‘be kind’ and so much focus on mental health and changing the stigma around men and depression/anxiety, the reaction and comments towards Naughty Boy are disappointing, to say the least.”

Alongside it appeared words from his family agreeing: “This! If only everyone knew what he’s battling on the outside world.

“His mum (my nan) is battling dementia and he has been taking care of her for the last five years.

“This is the first time he has left her to do something life-changing! He is just overwhelmed and he will be fine.”

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