Really anxious Jenni Falconer admits concerns about hidden health issue on skiing trip

Jenni Falconer lip-syncs for her life to Beyonce

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Jenni Falconer, 46, opened up about her battle with Raynaud’s in an exclusive interview with The fitness and health guru also chatted about her love of running, and why she created her collagen supplement, Kollo. 

Jenni has previously spoken about being diagnosed with Raynaud’s, a condition which affects blood circulation.

It causes some areas of your body to feel cold, sore or numb, or change colour.

“I do struggle with Raynauds,” she said.

“I’ve done a little show about it on Channel 5, it’s a health show and I’ve talked about it on that because it doesn’t stop me doing anything, because I just get on with it. 

“There’s no point having it limit what you do – a lot of people have it quite severe and they can’t do anything, but I went skiing for the first time in maybe 20 years this Easter just gone by.

“I was really anxious about it, because I thought if my fingers freeze up, there’s going to be a rush. 

“But actually all that you do is, you take precautions, you wear layers.

“You just feel stupid, but you don’t not wear gloves when you’re out skiing – and actually it was absolutely fine. 

“But you do have to be aware that if you take your gloves off in the middle of the slope, your hands are going to freeze up and it’s going to be annoying.”

Jenni continued: “Whenever I put a post up on my social media about it, I am inundated. 

“There are thousands upon thousands of people in this country that have it and many don’t even know what it is. 

“It’s just something that affects a lot of people, it’s just lack of circulation in your extremities and your fingers – some people get it in their toes. 


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“And basically the key is stay warm. Keep your fingers wrapped up. Wear decent gloves.”

The radio presenter also talked about her love of running, and how she has found a community of people both online and in the real world who share her passion.

That’s what got her interested in creating her very own liquid marine collagen supplement, Kollo. 

“The reason I started it was to support running, to support your joints and bones and cartilage and help recovery after exercise,” she explained. 

“But also it’s been proven to help your skin and your hair and nails and your joints.

“It’s been really popular, especially with women going through menopause or perimenopause symptoms, it’s quite extraordinary actually. 

“And then on the flip side, there are men that are taking it to support their exercise and help themselves after exercise, to help thicken their hair and also make sure that their immune system is in great condition. 

“So from a health point of view I am really proud to own a brand that is helping people in so many ways.” 

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