Royce da 5’9

During an interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’, the ‘Allegory’ rapper also talks about Tee Grizzley, revealing that he adviced Em to wait before collaborating with Tee.

AceShowbizRoyce da 5’9″ recently stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote his new album “The Allegory”. During his appearance, the rapper discussed many things including the feud between Eminem and Nick Cannon.

“Sometimes I feel like it’s a distraction more so than it is just healthy rapping,” Royce told host Charlamagne Tha God at some point in the interview. “The second that I seen that Nick Cannon seemed really offended, to me that’s when it should stop, you know what I mean? Because I know there’s no malice coming from Marshall’s end. … So the second he starts to look super offended like that I feel like either they should talk or everything should just stop.”

Royce revealed that the line of Em’s rap on Fat Joe‘s “Lord Above” which saw him taking a jab at Nick came after Em “got tired” of Nick talking about going to Detroit to “beat up Marshall.” He continued, “[Em] sent him a line on some hip-hop s**t, but I think Nick took it way more personal than he did before. … Once that happens and people look genuinely offended it stops feeling like a fun situation to me.”

Talking about Nick’s diss track “Canceled: Invitation” which sampled one of Em’s pre-fame songs that saw Em talking down “black girls,” Royce admitted that “it looks bad.” However, he argued that ex-husband of Mariah Carey didn’t look better as he tried “to ruin somebody.” He added, “I wish Nick wouldn’t put himself in that position. … If that’s what Marshall was, it would’ve shown by now, bro.”

During the interview, Royce also talked about Tee Grizzley, revealing that he adviced Em to wait before collaborating with Tee because he didn’t want Em to “get credit” for Grizzley’s success. And when Tee released a diss track against Em, the latter apparently was shocked.

“We were just sitting back watching him and then he came out with the diss,” Royce shared. “Then Marshall called me like, ‘What the f**k? He just burned a bridge that he ain’t even know he had.’ I hate to see young’uns make those kind of decisions. … I’d rather there be unity first.”

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