Singer Sam Smith says going topless on social media ‘helped me’

Singer Sam Smith revealed that stripping for social media has helped them accept themselves.

Smith (who uses the pronouns they/them) said that when they was younger they’s biggest concern wasn’t they’s sexuality but rather weight. Smith suffered from gynecomastia (an endocrine system disorder that results in an increase in male breast tissue) and was bullied for it. They underwent liposuction at the age of 12.

“My main issue when I was a kid wasn’t my sexuality, it was more my body,” Smith, 27, told Australian TV show The Project. ‘My body issues are so linked with my gender issues. It’s all linked with each other. I still struggle having my top off.

“I still struggle with weight issues,” they continued. “I always will. I feel like with social media, taking my top off on social media, it helped me.”

The “Stay with Me” singer came out as gay in 2014 and non-binary last year.

They is down under to headline the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney.

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