TALK OF THE TOWN: Has Lola Crichton-Stuart breached lockdown again

TALK OF THE TOWN: Lola Crichton-Stuart ‘breaches lockdown rules AGAIN’ following a trip to the Kenyan paradise island of Lamu

The daughter of the Marquess of Bute seems to have broken lockdown rules again, by flying to Kenya for an art fair.

Lola famously busted herself and her father John Crichton-Stuart when she posted an Instagram video of them making what she called a ‘Tier 4 journey’ on her way from London to their ancestral home on the Isle of Bute – despite a travel ban at the time between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Now, though foreign holidays are banned, the 21-year-old has been spotted on the island of Lamu and partying at Peponi, Kenya’s answer to the Chateau Marmont.

Lola Crichton-Stuart, pictured, has been spotted on the island of Lamu and partying at Peponi, Kenya’s answer to the Chateau Marmont

Says my mole on the island: ‘Lola was here for weeks and posted Instagram pictures, cleverly not tagging her location.

‘But if you’ve been to Lamu you will recognise some of the scenery. She’s not in Scotland, that’s for sure.’

Lamu hotels were full with British socialites enjoying the Covid-free atmosphere, many of whom attended a glamorous show by society artist Vanessa Garwood.

Last month Emma ‘dormant’ Watson’s agent told me ‘she is not taking on new commitments at present’ and a quick scan of her IMDb page seems to indicate there are no new acting roles in line. 

But that hasn’t stopped the Harry Potter star from practising her US accent. The 30-year-old was spotted by a fan who claims she was speaking in American tones at a cafe in LA last week, after she failed to make herself understood in her usual voice. 

I wonder if her American twang helped though – Oxfordshire-raised Emma was panned for her dodgy drawl when she played Meg March in Little Women. 

Petra returns to LA at F1 speed? 

Spare a thought for the long-suffering staff of billionairess Petra Ecclestone. They have been given a fortnight’s notice to get her LA mansion up and running – just four months after she and fiance Sam Palmer left it to relocate to Monaco.

‘Petra hated Monaco,’ a source tells me. ‘Two weeks ago, she called up all her staff in LA and said they’re moving back.’

Petra, 32, daughter of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, is currently holed up with Sam, 37, and her four children in Mexico, as they can’t fly directly to LA without a green card.

‘Their staff have two weeks to set up the entire mansion again,’ the source adds.

A tall order when your boss has a fleet of luxury cars and a valuable wine cellar… not to mention highly exacting standards.

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